Scotties Frozen Custard


The Coolest Ice Cream
Joint in Town!

With our beefed-up burgers and shakes so BIG and BAD, you'll be COMING BACK for more.... this is GOOD MOOD FOOD for the whole family.

Scotties was established in 2008 by Mike Haggerty and Kathy Steffens.  Kathy grew up in Milwaukee "the custard capital of the world" and wanted to share this delectable gourmet ice cream with CT.  Our distinguished mascots....the Scottie dogs we loved and adored. 


In July of 2021 Scotties was purchased by Hysen Kodra.  Hysen who is originally from Albania came to the United States when he was 17.  Hysen has worked at many restaurants over the years cooking and managing. Hysen has been mentored extensively by Mike to carry on the traditions of our frozen custard recipes and current menu. He plans on keeping the custard flowing, the great food and the good times coming!




Frozen custard is a richer premium ice cream with a higher butterfat and egg content. In comparision to ordinary ice cream, frozen custard is ambrosia and the taste of nostalgia.


Although it has certain similarities, it isn't to be confused with baked custard or with ice milk extruded into cones and sundaes at various other establishments.


Ice cream and frozen custard both contain cream, sugar and flavoring, but that's where the resemblance ends. While both desserts must contain more that 10% butterfat to be worthy of their names under the "standard of identity", frozen custard generally contains more, which accounts for its rich taste.  


Frozen custard is chilled to only 23 degrees.  Ice cream is frozen to a solid 10 degrees.  Most brands of ice cream contain about 45% air, or twice that of frozen custard. The amount of air that is added results in "overrun".


What really accounts for impression connoisseurs have that frozen custard is richer than ordinary ice cream is the egg yolks in the recipe. Frozen custard must contain 1.4% yolk. Frozen custard is what ice cream ought to be and we're sure you'll be bowled over after your first lick! Curious about a new frozen custard fan's first response? "It's so creamy" we hear it over and over again!


Our custard is always made fresh daily on the premises throughout the day by a specialized frozen custard machine with only the freshest of ingredients.  

Don't be fooled by imitations or wanna be's.

Real frozen custard, like that sold in the Mid-West can only be made in specialized equipment made specifically for this purpose.