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Summer, meet frozen custard at Scotties

The Day. May 2015


I thought I knew my frozen desserts. Ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, ice pops.

I am a master champion appreciator of them all.


I'd heard of frozen custard and half-heartedly enjoyed certain chain shop varieties.

But they never won me over. I never craved custard, and it never won the battle against ice cream.


But then. I went to Scotties Frozen Custard in Colchester. Oh God.

How had I never heard of this place before?

CT Cult-Following Frozen Custard Gets Sweet Segment on WFSB

WFSB, June 2014


Scotties Frozen Custard in Colchester is a uniquely Connecticut delight with a cult following, which has charmed us and our colleagues at WFSB Channel 3, where reporter Kim Lucey just did a segment on Scotties.


After all, where else in the world can you get "Fat Elvis" frozen custard (banana base, peanut butter swirl, chocolate flakes)?

Taste test: Scotties frozen custard

The Day, Aug 2011


Some days are good days. The newsroom recently helped me conduct a taste test of frozen custard made at Scotties in Colchester last week, and the consensus is this: try the frozen custard at Scotties. 


As it turns out, extra butterfat and egg plus a lower freeze rate makes good ice cream into smooth, rich custard. Or, as arts writer Rick Koster put it after sampling some French Silk custard, "If God was edible velvet, this is what it would taste like."