Open For the Season
Monday thru Sunday
11:30 to 8pm
Effective 7/1/2021 Under New Ownership!



Welcome to Scotties Frozen Custard, located in Colchester, CT.

     A sweet secret no more, right in your Colchester neighborhood!

Owner Hysen Kodra is proud to present Milwaukee's best-kept and tastiest secret, the variety of ice cream known as frozen custard. Frozen custard is a richer, premium ice cream that contains egg yolks which account for it's rich taste. Our specialized machine allows less air into the custard which results in a oh so creamy texture.  We make it fresh every day!  We have a colorful array of frozen custard flavor options, over 30 actually!


We also offer a full menu of delicious burgers, foot long hot dogs, chicken

sandwiches, chicken tenders, fish and chips, fries, onion rings and much more. Surround yourself with the wonderful weather at your next night out at Scotties. 




Custard, Burgers, Shakes + More!

The coolest custard  joint in town!


11:30 to 8pm